The inflection point in the healthcare value chain

In 1965 there were 4.6 workers for every beneficiary on Medicare. In 2030 that number is slated to be 2.3 workers and 10,000 baby boomers will be retiring every single day through that same time period. The healthcare value chain is the system of resources that an organization uses to drive its outputs as wellContinue reading “The inflection point in the healthcare value chain”

To capitate or nah, that is the question!

One look behind the curtain of organizations like ChenMed, Iora Health, and Oak Street Health and the signs of disruption in the way that healthcare is delivered permeate. To start, they don’t employ billing staff and every patient has a multi-disciplinary care team assigned to them. Appropriateness of care and waste are two concepts thatContinue reading “To capitate or nah, that is the question!”