To capitate or nah, that is the question!

One look behind the curtain of organizations like ChenMed, Iora Health, and Oak Street Health and the signs of disruption in the way that healthcare is delivered permeate. To start, they don’t employ billing staff and every patient has a multi-disciplinary care team assigned to them. Appropriateness of care and waste are two concepts thatContinue reading “To capitate or nah, that is the question!”

Why are self-pay charges still a black box?

Recently, my significant other got into a grappling match with my power drill. Let’s just say, drill bit-1 and wife-0. This piece is a bit more opinionated and much more personal than usual (I hope). With both HIPAA and current employment in mind, let’s tap dance into describing an emergent healthcare experience and offer someContinue reading “Why are self-pay charges still a black box?”

A case for blockchain, and ADEIT:

Why is it that black hats are happy to hand over our healthcare data in exchange for Bitcoin? There is probably utility in understanding why the people stealing our healthcare data leverage blockchain technology as a mechanism for capturing revenue for their “services”. And if data breaches don’t justify the means, how about our abilityContinue reading “A case for blockchain, and ADEIT:”

Why can’t all health plans pick us up and take us to the gym?

If we look at the bell curve of adopting healthcare delivery models in the United States, rest assured we are still early adopters of the quality variety in 2019. Take the Medicare Access and Chip Re-Authorization Act (MACRA) which has been the flavor for Medicare Part B’s quality reimbursement programs since 2015. The Merit-Based IncentiveContinue reading “Why can’t all health plans pick us up and take us to the gym?”

Navigating the existential impacts of dementia, Part 1:

“Up to 47 million Americans have preclinical Alzheimer’s Dementia (AD), meaning they have AD in the brain, but no symptoms.” Assuming that roughly 1 in 6 Americans have preclinical AD, how does one navigate all the systems and processes available if you are faced with the prospect of sustaining a loved one’s activities of dailyContinue reading “Navigating the existential impacts of dementia, Part 1:”

Quality, With a Dash of Affordability

Healthcare is unlike any other business model that exists which is why it is difficult to manage and evaluate for innovation. To be sure, technology and “the man” are innovating but, it’s happening in a framework that is difficult to modify in short periods of time (generations). Regardless, the Medical Loss Ratio should not abdicateContinue reading “Quality, With a Dash of Affordability”